Rajasthan Government Health Scheme

Rajasthan Government Health Scheme


Government of Rajasthan has been providing medical facilities to Hon'ble MLAs, Ex-MLAs and its State Government employees and pensioners through provisions under various Rules, Scheme and Medical Insurance Policies. State Autonomous bodies / Boards / Corporations are providing medical facilities through their own regulations. The main rules / schemes are as under:

  • The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Members (Medical Facilities) Rules, 1964
  • Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Ex-Members and Family Pensioners (Medical Facilities) Rules, 2010
  • Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2013
  • Rajasthan State Pensioners' Medical Concession Scheme, 2014
  • Raj Mediclaim Policy
In addition to above, Ministers, All India Service Officers are also getting medical facilities under following rules:

  • The Rajasthan Ministers (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1961
  • All India Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954

About the Scheme

All hospitals run by State Government, approved Hospitals and Public Private Partnership Hospitals will be eligible for providing medical facilities under this scheme as per norms and terms and conditions. In case of grave emergency, treatment will be allowed in Referral Hospitals after due reference from competent authority.

The Scheme is based on CGHS rates and provisions if otherwise not amended under this Scheme for the treatment taken in empaneled hospitals.

This Scheme will provide:

  • OPD Treatment
  • Cashless Facility for IPD/day care services.
  • Investigations at Government and Empaneled Diagnostic centers
  • Family Welfare, Maternity and Child Health Services.

RGHS: Fully Online and Automated system

  • Identified database for beneficiary status of family (Jan Aadhar)
  • Hospital Empanelment by HBEC (Apply and approve system) on RGHS web-portal: Online and transparent procedure
  • Pre-authorization at hospital level only
  • Online Payment System to Hospitals

Claim Settlement under RGHS

The claim settlement procedure will be on IT Platform of RGHS through the RGHS portal and the electronic medical record (EMR) of each beneficiary will be kept in RGHS card holder's e-Wallet.