Rajasthan Government Health Scheme

Rajasthan Government Health Scheme
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Hon'ble Chief Minister Sh. Ashok Gehlot

State Government has identified medical care as one of the key sectors from the perspective of overall health care and development of the State. Hon'ble Chief Minister vide point no. 244 of Budget Speech for financial year 2021 has announced new Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGHS). The ambitious plan of State medical facilities necessitates the infusion of all medical schemes under one roof and thereby restructuring it as Rajasthan Government Health Scheme.


Recent Updates

  • Registration open for:
    • 1. Serving Employees Category:
    • MLA
    • Ministers of State
    • Serving Judicial Officers
    • Serving Employees (prior to 01-01-2004)
    • Serving Employees (On and after 01-01-2004)
    • Serving AIS Officers
    • SAB employees whose employee id is on RajERP (JVVNL, AVVNL, RVPNL, RVUNL, JdVVNL, RIICO, RSMM, RISL, JMRC) and PRIPaymanager.raj.nic.in

    • 2. Pensioner Category
    • Pensioners and Family Pensioners (RCS Pension Rules,1996)
    • Judicial Officers (Pensioners and Family Pensioners)
    • AIS Officers (Pensioners and Family Pensioners)

  • View and Edit options open for registered users only(addition and deletion of members from RGHS card by using Edit options)
  • Already registered users are requested to update the family details of RGHS card by going through view and edit option. This is important before e-card download facility is available.(पूर्व में आरजीएचएस में पंजीकृत उपयोगकर्ताओं से अनुरोध है कि वे View और Edit विकल्प में जाकर अपने परिवार के विवरण को यदि आवश्यकता हो तो अद्यतन (update)करलें। E-Card डाउनलोड करने से पूर्व परिवार का सही विवरण दिया जाना अत्यावश्यक है। )

  • Upcoming Categories:
    • 2. Pensioner Category:
    • Ex-MLA
    • Pensioners covered under NPS
    • SAB Pensioners(prior to 01.01.2004)
    • SAB Pensioners(On and after 01.01.2004)
राजकीय एवं निजी अनुमोदित चिकित्सालयों में योजना का लाभ प्राप्त करने हेतु पात्र लाभार्थी का RGHS के अन्तर्गत पंजीकरण होना अनिवार्य है। बिना पंजीकरण योजना के परिलाभ देय नहीं होगें।

Office Of The Project Director, Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (State Insurance & Provident Fund Department)

  • EMAIL- pd.rghs@rajasthan.gov.in
  • ADDRESS- D-Block, 2nd Floor, VittaBhawan, Janpath, Jaipur, Pin code-302005